IntWirelessWorld.com can only guarantee and provide support for the Android and Linux operating system that comes pre-installed on your IntWirelessWorld. Any modifications or software changes are the responsibility of the end user and software creator. IntWirelessWorld.com will not provide support for any external modifications or software changes. We provide support for the original pre-installed Android software that comes with the device only. We are not responsible, nor are we obligated to provide support for any third party software which extends the Android operating system. We guarantee that the pre-installed applications work in their original state and that they play audio, video streams and local content. However we are not responsible for any given operational failure of such third party software and such responsibility lies with their original creator. We do not provide support for any additional software, private network setups, external storage devices, Bluetooth devices or remote controllers unless these peripheral devices have been sold by us.

It is important to note that IntWirelessWorld.com does not host, support, own, have any affiliations or connections with the software or applications that are installed on the device or installed by the end-user. IntWirelessWorld.com does not host, support, own or have any affiliations with any of the stream sources, servers or content providers within any of the software that is installed on the device. We cannot guarantee the speeds, consistency, quality, stability, or availability of any stream or source on the device.

IntWirelessWorld.com strongly discourages any user from infringing on any copyrighted works or violating any copyright law in your country. Your TV box is sold as a set-top computer that connects your TV and provides your tv with extended functionality that allows it to communicate and interact with content on the internet. Any other use of the device are at the responsibility of the end user. Any user with a IntWirelessWorld.com device agrees that IntWirelessWorld.com is in no way liable for any actions or engagements they perform on any of the products.